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Commercial Cleaning

High quality office cleaning is vital to maintain the right environment for your staff and customers. First impressions are vital for any organisation. A good office cleaning service concentrates on the entrance and reception area to ensure your customers and visitors want to do business with you.

Cleanliness and tidiness contribute directly to staff morale and wellbeing. A daily clean allows your workforce to maintain their focus on the tasks in hand to avoid the distractions of a poor working environment.

Hygene in the workplace is critical particluarly in eating areas and rest rooms. Every contract involves a thorough clean and full disinfection and in these areas as a part of each visit.

Pubs, Clubs & Restaurants

Making your pub/club premises a place where customers want to spend time.

Customers expect and deserve cleanliness and high standards of hygiene. A professional pub and club cleaning service provides you with the comfort and peace of mind that is in place allowing you to concentrate on your business.

A service tailored to your needs. We appreciate that levels of custom vary throughout the week and even seasonally. Our pub and club cleaning service can be matched directly to suit your needs ensuring value for money without compromising standards.

Specialised services to compliment your premises. In addition to a daily cleaning service we provide one-off cleaning services for special events or regular deep cleaning of kitchen or catering facilities.

Woman Cleaning Furniture

Residencial Cleaning

Bedrooms & Living Rooms

  • Quickly organize small items and prep for dusting

  • Dusting and wiping down all surfaces

  • Vacuuming carpet and rugs, mop hard floors

  • Place dirty clothes in hamper

  • Make bed

  • Throwing away trash and emptying cans

Kitchen & Bathrooms

  • Quickly organize small items and prep for dusting

  • Dusting and wiping down all surfaces

  • Clean countertops

  • Clean mirrors & shine chrome

  • Cleaning fixtures (accessible lights, towel racks, toilet paper holders)

  • Gathering dirty dishes into sink

  • Clean stovetop

  • Clean microwave

  • Sweeping & mopping floors

  • Cleaning outside of kitchen appliances (fridge, dishwasher, oven, microwave)

  • Scrub and clean showers

  • Scrub and clean toilets

  • Scrub and clean tubs

  • Throwing away trash and emptying cans

Man Carrying a Box

Move In & Move Out

People move in and out residentially and commercially on a regular basis. Once they do this, they need a reliable cleaning company to make sure that the places they are moving into and out of are properly cleaned. Today, there are several companies that offer move in cleaning services or move out cleaning services to make people feel less worried and stressed. Our Move in/out cleaning services serve both residential and commercial areas, regardless of if our clients are moving in or moving out.

The move in/out cleaning companies provide a variety of cleaning solutions. We provide great ease to people that are shifting from one area to another and to people who cannot handle this stressful task. It is especially even harder when there are a lot of things needed to be placed or packed up. It is also very important that the furniture is kept intact, orderly and damage-free while the moving process is ongoing. We are great partners to clean in a righteous manner while saving time, energy and effort, same in doing post-construction cleaning.


Not everyone has enough time to do this all along, this is the best time to seek professional help from move in/out cleaning experts.

Cleaning the Hallways

New construction

Builders Cleans

Our experience in this area allows us to work flexibly on most sites allowing for final snagging and tight deadlines which frequently apply in this sector. Our services include:

Free survey
All specialist cleaning requires careful planning, and our free survey is the first step to determining the most efficient and safe way forward. A lump sum price will be provided for every job.

A comprehensive range of services Our package of services typically includes all window cleaning inside and out as well as full cleans to building internals, stripping of protective coverings and final sparkle cleans. We can extend our services to cover: full hygienic cleaning for catering areas, specialist sealing and polishing of floor surfaces, mortar removal from external surfaces, high-level access and detail cleaning of existing finishes.

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